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Birthday Party Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What makes a birthday party at Airdrenaline unique?

A: In addition to an ever exciting experience on the trampolines, we are the only trampoline park in the Capital District to offer private party rooms to our guests. The fun of our parties extends off the trampoline with access to our Hurricane Simulator. Each party will get their own Party Host that will work with them throughout the entire party and run their exclusive dodge ball game. 

Q: How can I book a party?

A: Mini and Ultimate parties can be booked online at any time, or over the phone with our Party Coordinator, Monday – Friday, 9AM-5PM. Kid Air parties must be booked over the phone with our Party Coordinator. All parties require a $150 deposit at the time of booking, parties can not be reserved without a deposit. The Party Coordinator can be reached at 518-618-3791. For security reasons we do not book parties via email, please do not send card information over email. Deposits are non-refundable if party is cancelled less than 10 business days prior to event. 

Q: When should I book my party?

A: We suggest booking your party 4-6 weeks in advance. Booking less than 2 weeks in advance may result in
limited availability on your desired date. Online reservations close 10 days in advance. If you are interested in booking a Kid Air party, please plan at least 5 weeks in advance for best availability.



Q: Can I book a party during the week?

A: Yes, we host parties 7 days a week! We even have special weekday pricing (Monday – Thursday). Interested in hosting a party during Special Needs Night or Club Air? Send us an email to events@airdrenaline.com or give our Party Coordinator a call to find out more information. 


Q: Do you provide invitations?

A: A PDF invitation is available on our website, at the bottom of the Birthday Party Page. In addition to this you can invite and track RSVP progress directly through your account by inviting guests to the party you have booked.


Q: Do all my guests need a waiver?

A: All jumpers must have a waiver signed by a parent or legal guardian. For birthday parties we suggest
encouraging guests to do this prior to arrival. Guests can take care of this online or can hand in a paper copy at check in. A copy of our paper waiver will be included with the party confirmation email, or can be found here. Guests who are invited to the party via your account will have the option to complete the waiver when they RSVP.


Q: What is included within my package?

A: In addition to the Jump Time and Private Party Room, each party will include the following items:



  • Trampoline grip socks for each jumper.
  • The birthday VIP(s) will get a Golden Ticket (access to the park for 30 days following their birthday party), a Birthday VIP t-shirt, a reusable cup, and a picture of the party.
  • A Party Host who will run an exclusive dodge ball game, organize a ride in our Hurricane Simulator and make a “Happy Birthday” announcement during the jump time.
  • A bottled water in the private party room for each jumper.
  • Paper products and decorations in Airdrenaline themed colors.
  • A goodie bag for each jumper.
Q: Can I pick the party room I want?

A: We cannot take requests or guarantee specific party rooms. Party Rooms are assigned based on the schedule for the day, not the size of the party. 



Q: When can I get into the party room?

A: You will have access to the party room 15-20 minutes prior to the end of your jump time. We will provide storage for gifts and food items during your jump time. Your party host will do all of the set up of your private party room during your jump time. 



Q: How many seats are in the party room?

A: All party rooms have picnic table style seating for up 25 kids with an additional 5-8 chairs. Our party rooms will only hold about 35-40 people comfortably. 




Q: Can I bring decorations?

A: You are more than welcome to bring in items to set on the tables, paper products (themed items) and some balloon bouquets! We ask that you do not bring in wall or ceiling decorations for the party room. Please let your host know about any decorations that you have brought as they will be the ones setting up the room. 



Q: What if I want to bring in food and drinks?

A: We encourage this to refuel after all that jumping! Your confirmation email will provide you with a list of our preferred vendors, all who deliver and offer a discount. It will be your responsibility to place the order before the day of the party with the specific vendor. We do offer extra drinks and Dippin’ Dots as optional add-ons. These should be added on prior to the day of the party. If you would like to bring in platter style dishes (i.e. deli platters or fruit and veggie platters), please bring them in pre-assembled. If you would like to bring cake, cupcakes, ice cream, or extra drinks to the party, we have a place to keep these items cold or frozen. Please be sure to bring in any serving utensils, candles or lighters if you provide food items from home.



Due to the nature of our parties, we ask you to avoid crock-pot meals, “Make you Own Bars” or coffee makers. 


Q: Will my party need to jump in separate areas?

A: Depending on when you book the party, jumpers may be separated based on their height. Kid Air Parties (held during Kid Jump time) are only for jumpers 6 years old and under, and jumpers will not be measured. Ultimate and Mini Parties are open to jumpers of all ages. Any jumper under 46″ would be required to jump in the Kiddie Court when jumping with an Ultimate or Mini Party. 



Q: I want to book but I don't know how many people will RSVP. Is this a problem?

A: No problem at all- booking an estimate is perfectly fine! Adjusting the number of jumpers as the party date approaches can be done by sending our Party Coordinator an email. We ask to please avoid making major adjustments the day of the party, but adjusting the number by 1-2 jumpers at check-in can be done if needed. 




Q: If I have younger jumpers, will I need to pay for them?

A: All jumpers will need a ticket to utilize the Main Court or the Kiddie Court. 


Q: Do I have to pay for parents or spectators?

A: Ultimate and Mini Parties do not include tickets for parent jumpers, however parents may accompany jumpers under 46″ in the Kiddie Court free of cost. We do not have a spectator fee for family and friends to come and watch the party or join you in the party room. Please count these guests in the 35-40 that will comfortably fit in the party room. Kids Air Parties will include one parent jumper for each jumper 6 years old and under. Extra parent jumper tickets can be purchased if requested.


Q: Do I really need to send a guest list?

A: A guest list will help out staff speed up the check-in process! By sending a list, we will be able to check waivers before your guests arrive. Please send a list to events@airdrenaline.com, 24 hours before a party (for Monday-Friday parties) or by the Friday before the party (for Saturday and Sunday parties).  



Q: When should I arrive for my Birthday Party?

A: Jump time will start promptly at the top and bottom of each hour. Arriving 15-20 minutes in advance will give you enough time to meet the party host, store any items for the party room, make adjustments to the guest list, and ask any questions. Guests should arrive about 15 minutes in advance with completed waivers.



Q: How will my party be structured?

A: After jump time starts, all jumpers will be on the Main Court (or Kiddie Court if under 46″) until the last hour of the party. During jump time the party host will run an exclusive dodge ball game, give the birthday child a ride in our hurricane simulator. While the party is jumping, the party host will set up the private party room and grab any pizza delivery for the party. At the end of the jump time the party host will make an announcement for the party to meet in the private party room. The party room is a full hour of food, cake and gifts. Parties that have purchased the Unlimited Jump Pass will have access to the trampolines during the last hour of the party as well.



Q: Will the party host coach the kids on the trampolines?

A: Our party staff will not instruct or coach jumpers during jump time. They will host an exclusive dodge ball game and run rides in the hurricane simulator during the jump time. The party host will also make a “Happy Birthday” announcement during the jump time, set up the party room and meet any pizza delivery.




Q: What do we do in the party room?

A: Most parties will have pizza, cake and ice cream in the private party room. Parties are more then welcome to open gifts during this time as well. We have plenty of add-ons to fill “extra time”. Extra jump time or unlimited jump time can be added to the reservation, parties can purchase more rides in the Hurricane Simulator and our Pucker Powder machine can be brought in the party room for guests to make their own Pixie Stick.


Q: What if a guest has a food allergy?

A: Allergy safe food is more than welcome to be brought in. Please be sure it is sealed and labeled. Send us an email at events@airdrenaline.com before the party and we will make sure the party host is aware before your party arrives. Our tablecloths are removed between each party and picnic table seats are cleaned. For specific questions about airborne allergies or severe cases, please inquire before booking the party.



Q: Can we cancel or reschedule or party?

A: If you cancel more than 10 business days in advance you will receive a refund on the entire deposit. Parties that cancel less than 10 business days before the event will forfeit their $150 deposit. Parties that cancel the day of or no show will not be allotted any deposit or credit. If you decide to reschedule the party we can transfer the deposit to a new date and time. All bookings are based on availability so please be aware that the first available party may be a few weeks out. 





Q: Is gratuity included?

A: We do not include gratuity with any party. A tip can be added to the first copy of the bill brought by the party host or can be given via cash. Gratuity is completely at the discretion of the guest. 



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