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For most of us, working out isn’t considered a joyful activity but did you know that jumping on a trampoline is a fitness activity? That’s right- there are several health benefits to bouncing and lucky for you Airdrenaline Adventure Park has over 50 connected trampolines! Read below to find out four of the many health benefits that are associated with a jumping.

  • Improved Balance and Coordination: Due to the unexpected landings in rebound exercise, your body needs to react quickly and find its center of gravity to rebalance. After time, you begin to anticipate your landings and recover faster.
  • Low-Impact Cardiovascular Movement: Unlike other cardio movements on pavement, machines, etc., jumping on a trampoline provides a lower impact due to the flexibility of the trampoline itself. This is especially helpful on joints and still provides an exercise where your heart rate increases.
  • Multiple Muscles: Because of the motion of jumping, you are working out nearly every muscle including your legs, thighs, glutes, core, and back. Rebound exercise is an effective way to hit multiple groups at once.
  • Fun for Everyone: Jumping on a trampoline is an activity that everyone can participate in- plus it promotes family time and fitness!

*Please note, the aforementioned items are not provided by a doctor or fitness instructor and trampolines should be used at jumper’s discretion.


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